Brazil Fazenda Recreiro Selectivo Natural

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Fazenda Recreiro is located in Vale de Grama, Sao Paolo. Known for coffee growing qualities with fertile soil, mild climate, mountainous topography and adequate sun exposure. This fazenda has been around since 1890 and has been a regular in the Brazilian Cup of Excellence finalist. Now, the farm is being run by the fifth generation, Diogo Dias.

Fazenda Recreiro is one of the major coffee producers in Brazil. This coffee is a selective selection which the way it is harvest and process is curated to ensure the cup is different from the commercial grade coffee produced and processed by Fazenda Recreiro.

This bourbon is handpicked instead of using the harvester. Only ripe cherries are picked and processed. Pulped natural are more common Brazil. In order to create a more sweet coffee, natural process is selected as a method to process this Selectivo.

Diogo Dias is an agricultural engineer by profession. With his passion for experimenting processes of processing the coffee, the farm fortunes has improved since he took over in 2000.

Roasting this low altitude coffee can be challenging. Being a natural process coffee adds another  the challenge in roasting. The development time for this coffee is shorter than the usual espresso roast that we normally do. The coffee has an aroma of orange peel, almond biscuits and caramel. When sip, you can feel the flavour of oranges and sour juice topped with the aroma of hazelnut, roasted almond and caramel. The coffee contains its own sweetness and the acidity is balanced. Best as black as well as with milk.

Varietal : Yellow Bourbon

Process : Natural

Altitude : 1200 masl

Origin : Valle de Grama, Sao Paolo