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Bolivia - Waliki Coconatural Geisha by Finca Los Rodriguez

RM17.50 MYR

"Upon grounding, the dry aroma is peach, bergamot, grapefruit honey and mild strawberry. At first sip, honey and lemon with aroma of bergamot and hint of orange blossom. The coffee is delicate and very clean."

Waliki is a word from the ancient Adean language which means “How’s Everything”. It is also a name of one of the farm operated by the Rodriguez Family. It is just 8 hectares in size and sits at 1620 masl. It is located in Bolinda, near La Paz. Today, under Agricafe, the Rodriguez family owns 12 farms under the banner of Los Rodriguez.

Waliki was purchased by Pedro Rodriguez in early 2016 and they began planting it with mainly Java variety and Geisha variety and orange bourbon. At 1720 masl, the cherry tend to mature at a very slow pace due to stable night temperature and mild day time temperature. With this high concentration of sugar can be created and ensure a sweet cup of coffee.

Once in a while we are able to procure coffee from Bolivia, since the pandemic it was not easy to get a hand of coffee and it is mainly destined to China, Taiwan and Korean market. This year we are able to get a hand of this Geisha variety which is processed as CocoNatural. CocoNatural is a process innovated by Pedro. Its is a combination of traditional and modern technique.

In the process of Coconatural, ripe cherries is first picked during harvest. It is then weighted and the cherries is carefully washed and laid to dry on the African raised beds for at least 1 week. After a week, it is transferred in a coco dryer. Coco dryer is a mechanical dryer that is mainly used to dry Cocoa as it requires a faster drying period to avoid over-fermentation during the drying process. Pedro decided to use Coco dryer as he is able to control the drying temperature and is able to dry reduce the drying process to less than 10 days. This is to preserve the sugar inside the cherry at the last stage of the drying phase. The cherry will sit inside the coco dryer for 35 hours at a temperature of no more than 40C. The cherry is turned every 30 minutes to ensure equal drying. After reaching the targeted moisture level. The dried cherry is transported at Agricafe dry mill in La Paz and it is then mechanically sorted using UV sorter.

Variety : Geisha
Altitude : 1720 masl
Process : CocoNatural
Origin : Bolinda, Caranavi

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