Aceh Gayo - Kamu Kamu

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This Indonesian bean is best for the darker roast type. However, we will roast it to medium dark as this coffee is carries a low level of acidity. 

When roasted medium dark, the coffee has a very pleasant aroma of chocolate, caramel and red dates. 

This coffee is planted along the Bukit Barisan in the west of Sumatera. 

When cup, the coffee will give a licorice, chocolaty and herbal taste. It has a smooth and heavy body. Under the pressure of an espresso machine this coffee gives out a good amount of crema. It is best consumed either black or white.

This bean is a specialty grade coffee

Varietal : Aceh Hibridor de Timor/ Tim tim

Altitude : 1500-1900 masl

Process : Semi Washed